Weekly Meal Plan Eleven

Feb 17, 2019 | 4 comments


Weekly Meal Plan Eleven


Weekly Meal Plan Eleven

For this, our eleventh weekly meal plan for 2 adults, we base it around a whole chicken, bacon and lots of vegetables.

As at 11th February 2019, you will need £20.28 in your purse at the checkout, but the amount of food actually consumed (if you follow the plan fully) comes to £16.74 or £1.19, per person, per day.

This is a little more than our usual amount and part of this is the calories. I do these 2 person plans to provide 2000 and 2500 calories a day. To get these calories, I had to add three more extras in the cakes and bakes. Reviewing the weekly meal plan, and the meals and snacks suggested, I’m not completely convinced those extras will be needed, it seems too much. So, if you use this plan, keep that in mind

Use the Cakes and Bakes at any point during the week when you need them, as an extra at lunch, a pudding after dinner, for supper, or any other hungry moment. Or if you and the 2nd person you are feeding don’t need this many calories, healthwise, these would probably be the best things to leave out (speaking as a sweet thing lover – sorry 🙁  Or how about a good old British compromise, make them and make them stretch over a longer period of time 😉

For this, and 2 other plans, I’m basing the weekly meal plan around one of the items that are available on a 3 for £10 offer and pricing that item accordingly

Sunday bacon sandwich pea hummus sandwich roast chicken, roasties, stuffing, mashed carrot & swede, peas
Monday porridge chicken paste sandwich chicken tart, oven wedges, fried white cabbage
Tuesday marmalade pancakes chicken stock soup chicken risotto
Wednesday porridge pea hummus sandwich chicken and mushroom shepherds pie, with swede and potato mash, cabbage
Thursday marmalade pancakes chicken paste sandwich chicken tart, oven wedges, fried white cabbage,peas
Friday porridge chicken stock soup chicken risotto, add half the tin of soup
Saturday bacon pancakes scraps soup chicken and mushroom shepherds pie, with swede and potato mash
  cakes and bakes – oaty biscuits , tomato scones, marmalade oat bar, cheesy pancakes, roasted veg and flatbreads


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  1. Lesley

    It’s such a great way to save money as you only buy what you need, helps get rid of the temptations in the supermarket
    When I do it, it’s incredibly satisfying to use up the last if everything just before I’m due to shop next

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    Another great week of meals and the price per head is fantastic, we are a family of 5 and throw so much waste away every week, we keep saying we are going to do a meal plan and save money but never get around to it xx

  3. Lesley

    I’ve often used a joint all the way through to the next weekend, but if you feel happier, of course freeze it until you need it

  4. Laura

    Hi Lesley, thanks for the recipe ideas.

    Just a quick question – I was always told you had to eat up leftover roast chicken within 3 days as it goes bad. Is this wrong or do you need to freeze the portions for after Wednesday?

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