We’re in the press…..

Feb 6, 2014 | 32 comments


We’re in the press…..

Well my lovelies, we’re in the press. All of a sudden this morning it all happened and there is a big article in Mail Online. I am trying not to read the comments, read a few and didn’t like them.

They had to get it online all of a rush, so there a few things not quite right. They made up a meal plan using random recipes for instance, and it looks rather carby, so of course that has been picked up and the link to my size pointed out. Although I don’t follow £1 a day, and I don’t eat that many carbs, oh well.

Oh actually, looking again, looks like they have meal plan 1 up there now, that’s much better

Pictures aren’t too bad, except the one by the stove…. OMG pass the diet plan!

I have asked if they can put a link to the site so that people who need to budget fiercely can find us, not there yet, but site traffic is up, so people must be using my name to search.

Exciting stuff 🙂 What do you think?



  1. Lesley

    I didn’t realise you blogged Allegra. Noticed it on the comment and popped over and had a quick look. Will have a proper read later this week when I have a bit more time

  2. Allegra

    What Lesley is way too modest to say is that she has actually contributed hugely to Weezl’s original mealplans – and that what she is doing here is just a continuation of that – trying to carry on helping the same people (remember Bob and Shirley, C ?) that Weezl wanted to help with CFR. We none of us live – or cook – in isolation, and of course a true frugal recipe will be passed on from cook to cook – that’s exactly as it should be. In my humble wossname, etc. etc.

  3. jill in nyc

    Cerwiden, lesley does acknowlege these sites, as that is how I found them.
    She is very upfront about the fact that she simply continues along these lines and is not taking credit for others work… please read all that she has posted…ok?

  4. Lesley

    The site seems more accessible this morning, so I am hoping that the huge spike over the last couple of days has calmed down a bit and people will actually be able to use it!

  5. ceridwen

    Also useful would be a prominent link to the blog of the originator of this concept and the work on this the group did, ie:


  6. ceridwen

    I think it would be useful if you were to give a prominent link to the website this concept and many of these recipes came from, ie to: http://www.cheap-family-recipes.org.uk/

    That way people could look up the rest of the recipes and plan the group worked out.

  7. Sue

    Brilliant article Lesley.

    Please don’t worry about the folk that simply go online to make nasty comments, they do it to try to get to the top of the ‘leaderboard’ for comments, they don’t even read the articles sometimes that much is so obvious.

    Thankfully the article WILL help the folk that you are hoping to help in a big way. Well done and enjoy your ‘fifteen minutes of fame’, gosh you deserve it, I know all the work you have put into these recipes and meal plans. It takes time and effort.

  8. Lesley

    Hi Ceridwen, yes, Weezl is a huge inspiration. I miss those days when we were all busy developing recipes and ‘helping’ Weezl to build the site. I put that in quotes as I’m not sure how helpful it was!
    I spoke with W when I started this and asked if she minded if I used some of the recipes, and I mention CFR often on here as it is still there and will still help lots of people

  9. Lesley

    my sister, bless her, has extracted loads of the nice comments so I can see them
    I’m not actually raising a family any more, my daughters are both in their forties with families of their own
    My experiences when they were young has made me very aware of how tough life can get, and sometimes, it doesn’t take much. I started the blog in the hope that people would find it and find something useful there. People seem to like it, and of course after national coverage, a lot more people should be able to find it

  10. Lorraine

    Lesley, you are doing a brilliant job raising a family and sharing your tips with others who find them useful. The Mail obviously think so too. Unfortunately, the Mail’s readers don’t have the best reputation in terms of their attitudes and politics! I think it is completely inappropriate for anybody to comment on your physique or appearance, don’t they have anything better to think about? You’re right not to look at the Mail readers’ comments, the few obnoxious ones will only upset you. However there are some wonderfully positive comments there too, and also comments putting the biggoted detractors in their place! Do you have a friend who could filter out the abusive ones for you so that you can hear the positive feedback? Keep up the good work! X

  11. ceridwen

    So the efforts put in by Weezl74, when she originated this concept on the Old Style Board of the http://www.moneysavingexpert.com forum have borne fruit then. Weezl’s idea and many of the recipes are now up here as your blog. Its good to see many people will benefit from Weezls concept and the help and recipes submitted by so many people on MSE.

  12. laura Evans

    Hiya, we live in a culture where it’s a national sport to mock and criticize others to make up for their own issues, so take heart that you are doing good because of the negative response. I can’t say enough how much of a great idea this site is!, many thanks and don’t feel you have to respond to this message!, Laura 🙂

  13. Lesley

    I’m not reading the comments at all, I just saw a few of them when I was looking at the article. You can’t win an argument there. Love you too, xxx

  14. Lesley

    There sure would! I use mySupermarket to price up recipes and they often don’t show their value range on there at all, which means you can’t buy it online

  15. Natalie king

    I’ve just come over after reading the article in the mail and I just wanted to say how brilliant I thought it was!! Ignore the comments, there’s always someone with nothing nice to say!
    We have to keep to a low food budget, mainly £45 a week for 3 of us which I think is doing pretty well but I plan to use some of your recipes to help that along a bit!
    Thank you for showing us that it is possible to live within your means!


  16. Ann

    ASDA SP tomato ketchup is now 34p….almost a 100% increase. If their ‘quality’ brands doubled in price there’d be riots!!

  17. Susan

    I’ve been that broke before, and it isn’t easy making ends meet. Good on you for showing people it can be done. I’ll be adding some of your recipes to my arsenal, as I’m still in a situation where money is scarce, and where life revolves around just making ends meet, though not as bad as it was before. Well done Lesley, you give us hope and encouragement 🙂 x

  18. Lesley

    I loved that time, such a shame the group dissipated

  19. Tracey and Lesley Hibbett

    Well done Mum, I read through quite a few of the comments and I really had to keep quiet, otherwise I would’ve gone mental at some of them! Like until you know the whole story and family, like I do, butt out!! There were also alot of lovely comments though, so that’s good 🙂 Love you Mum xxxxx

  20. jill in nyc

    Good to see your ideas get expanded coverage.
    For every bucket of buffoons, someone like Amy, who can make real use of your work, will find you.
    Oh, and to the person who pointed out that it was necessary to have that “5 a day”…yes, but it is also necessary to have full time employment at a living wage to easily pay for it all… missing that you need to learn to be thoughtful and creative to survive. Healthy, and tasty meals really don’t all look like the pictures in magazines just like happy and healthy people do no resemble the mods posing with the food.
    We live in the real world….well most of us do anyway.

  21. Charlotte

    Hello there lovely, just seen the article and both me and my mother love it! I did see some of the ridiculous comments, but that’s all they are. Shallow human beings with nothing better to do! We’ll definitely be using your recipes, keep smiling 🙂

  22. Allegra

    Well done hun 🙂 You know what to do about the silly personal comments – ignore the trolls. You look lovely, and not a day older than when we met at the Imperial War Museum ! x

  23. Lesley

    oh bless you! I don’t feel it either. Don’t like my picture being taken, who put that woman in there, that’s not me!
    Things have been extremely manic today with the publication on national press, so much so, the site keeps crashing. But I am really pleased, as my objective is indeed to get it out to people who need it.

  24. Amy

    Hi Lesley,

    I saw the article about this blog on the Daily Mail website. I just wanted to say thanks for providing me with a shed load of new ideas for dinner that aren’t going to break the bank. I’m a student living away from home, and unfortunately my bank balance and love of cooking don’t always agree! Can’t wait to try the tomato scones, the sweetcorn fritters and the broccoli pesto- so much vegetarian stuff!

    On the comments on the article- you can go on literally any story on there and find a whole army of keyboard warriors telling anybody who does something how wrong they are doing it. I hope your blog finds its way to people who can use it- like me!

    PS: Would never in a million years have guessed you were 62. 🙂

  25. Lesley

    I am very aware I need to diet without it being pointed out on a national forum. It isn’t because of what we do here. I test the recipes and cook them often, but I have no need to budget at £1 a day, and I don’t. If I followed the meal plans I would weigh less than I do now! I have been very careful that they fulfil all current guidelines on how to eat healthily, and they all have far more than 5 a day
    We’re in the Star and the Express as well today now, and they have dubbed me the Quid Queen. I rather like that 😉

  26. DAS

    I read the article and could tell that most of the snarky comments came from people who hadn’t actually read the article through at all. Other comments were made about weight etc, well obviously they are written by obnoxious fatist creeps who have entirely objectionable attitudes to anyone outside or even just touching the impossible standard healthy weight ranges.

    Why on earth comment on things such as appearance? Oh yes, i forgot, it is the dailymail we are talking about where everyone waits with baited breath for the next kardashian/octomother/blahblah brain to be featured yet again….

  27. Miriam

    Well done lesley

    Some people will never ‘get’ what you are trying to do .there is definitely a vicious element creeping into comments especially on the Daily Mail site just ignore them

  28. Anne E

    Congratulations on getting in the press. You look lovely and so does your food.

    Ignore the DM trolls, it’s clear that most of them haven’t read the article and/or don’t know what they are writing about.

    I hope it helps people who need advice. Luckily I don’t need to shop on a strict budget but your web site is helping me to use the stuff I already have rather than go out and buy more.

  29. Jude O'B

    I enjoyed reading the article in The Daily Mail! I really wouldn’t worry too much about some of the comments…there’s a lot of not very nice people on this internet thing! Some people have nothing good to say about anything. Others just look at the pictures then make the story up because they can’t be bothered to read it properly. Well done though, just know in your own mind this will definitely help a lot of people that are financially stretched to budget better (and cook more!) 🙂

    P.s I LOVE your stove! My dream cooker…

  30. Naomi

    Awesome job on the website and getting into the press!! I think you are doing great. Ignore the naysayers – there are always negative people out there and they love to come out of the woodwork on the DM and hide behind their anonymous name tags. Well done to you for working out recipes and food plans that don’t break the bank.

  31. Lesley

    yes, I am hoping more people who need it will find it. Just had a call from BBC Sussex, will be recording a few minute slot tomorrow for broadcast on Monday – it’s all happening here today!

  32. Linda

    You look lovely! Why we have to all emulate skinny, just barely pubescent kids is totally beyond me. I know exactly what you mean about the feeling of having no money never leaving you. As a retired military person that is truly the ONLY thing that scares me anymore.
    Great good luck and I hope the publicity means more people visit your blog.

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