Piccalilli – not 98p as I said, but 84p, because I can’t count!

Oct 11, 2013 | 3 comments


Piccalilli – not 98p as I said, but 84p, because I can’t count!

PiccalliliI obviously can’t count! The Piccalilli recipe posted doesn’t make 6 jars as I said. It actually made 7 jars!

You can see the 7 jars in the picture if you look carefully. So that has reduced the cost to 84p even before any cost cutting tactics – hooray!



  1. Eileen M

    Purely in the interests of science of course. 😉 Lol

  2. Lesley

    Ooh, you ate one straight away! I’m going to get one of mine out of store then and try it immediately, well maybe not immediately as it is 9:50 and I’ll be going to bed shortly, but def will tomorrow 🙂
    Interesting about the vinegar and honey. I am tempted to make another batch and try it

  3. Eileen M

    Hi, recently found your blog and its becoming one of my favorites. I made the HFW piccalilli a few weeks ago using a glut of runner beans, cucumber, green tomatoes and smart price onions diced. This really kept the cost down. All I had to buy was the cheap onions. I used white vinegar and no honey. I didn’t add extra sugar as I am diabetic and the less sugar the better. As one jar wasn’t full I used that straight away and its gorgeous. The veg and spices are such strong flavours I don’t think the lack of cider vinegar or honey is even noticeable.

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