New Meal Plan for the Easter week, £1.27 pppd


New Meal Plan for the Easter week, £1.27 pppd

Have posted a new meal plan for the Easter week. I publicised it on Twitter and Facebook, but yesterday I got worried that you might not have seen it, so in case you’re not on either of those, or didn’t see it, I’ve put the link here too.

Doing this in a hurry, will do a proper post later today

Take care of your family and your budget

Before putting together the meal planners, Lesley surveyed what was needed. Of the existing 14 budget meal plans, most are cheap meals for 2 people so can be sized up or down. Others are cheap family meals for 4 people, or meals for one

Want to know more about how to feed yourself for £1 a day? Try Cheap Family Recipes for monthly meal plans

Thrifty Lesley has an associated Facebook Group. Do come over and say hello if you haven’t already joined. I’d love to see you!

I’m a perpetual dieter, and to help with that endeavour, there is now also a Thrifty Lesley dieting group, a lovely, growing community.



  1. Lesley

    Thanks Pam. It’s strange how the hot x buns aren’t showing up on mySupermarket isn’t it. Still, makes it easier if you can get everything in the same place

  2. Pam Monks

    I have just had a look at your Easter Food Plan. You do a sterling job with these plans- thank you. By the way the Aldi I use does sell Hot Cross Buns (all year)

  3. Lou

    Ohhh I love the sound of the bean burgers in the meal plan, great to see a use for butternut squash apart from soup!

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