More musings, Chorizo this time

Sep 10, 2013 | 8 comments


More musings, Chorizo this time

ChorizoCruising around my little Sainsbugs in Heathfield, I found these chorizo thingies. Only £1.29 for 4 of them, I opened the pack yesterday (it keeps for months unopened) and tried a bit of one to see how strong they are, and they have BAGS of flavour.

So I reckon one will easily give enough flavour to a dish for two, and at 32p each, we will be able to build some lovely cheap meals around them. I am thinking of using them in the next weekly meal planner. I have one earmarked in the planner to have on a pizza. One in a dish simmered with some chickpeas and tomatoes and served in HM flatbread. The third one with some farl made with dried potato, yes, that’s dried potato. Found that on . I have a very long list of stuff I want to post, and on that list is gnocchi with a spicy sauce (also on the third weekly planner) and Miss South made some with DRIED POTATO! Really! I thought, but it sounds like they will work, Miss South liked them and she is rather a potato connoisseur. I’ve got a packet of potato, and I can’t wait to give it a go. It’s certainly not an ingredient I would have thought of using, much like the fish paste in Jack Monroe’s Creamy Salmon Pasta.

The fourth one in the meal planner? Not sure yet, maybe in some lunch time soup.

So what else could we do with one of these flavour packed chorizo stick thingies? How about like with the blue cheese, but COMPLETELY different flavour, a frittata. Or a thick stew with butter beans and tomatoes. Or in a risotto, with, oh, all sorts of other things would go – peas, lettuce and peas, tomatoes, cauliflower or broccoli, butternut squash etc etc

or in macaroni cheese, or a couple of slices in a toasted sandwich, with gnocchi, or instead of bacon in a carbonara.

Chorizo is just as versatile as bacon, I can see these little lovelies being as much a staple in my cupboard as my favourite soft cheese!

What would you do with them?



  1. Sue

    I have absolutely no problem eating at home, it’s when we’re eating at hotels and up to now I’m afraid Wales is looking remarkably un-vegetarian if you want to eat out.

    I had to choose the salmon option on the menu for the evening meal otherwise all I could have had was a bowl of tomato soup, my least favourite of soups, it would have been tolerable with a salad but guess what NO SALADS – AT ALL!!

    When breakfast came I breathed a sigh of relief ‘Poached Egg on a Muffin’, I ordered it, it came nestling very uncomfortably on a slice of raw salmon – no thank you!!

    I have emailed the hotel and remarked on their lack of veggie friendly items on the menu, we’ll see what happens 🙂

    Yes, Italy was good for veggies, as is India, but I found it hard in France, lots of croissants meant rather a large weight gain by the time I got home!!

    Things are definitely improving for us veggies though …. at last!

  2. Lesley

    Sue: we were both vegetarian for about 15 years. At the time we were both working hard and had lunch in the pub every Sunday. I got SO tired of over cooked pasta and runny cheese sauce, that’s if I was allowed to know what I would be getting at all, it wasn’t just the ‘vegetarian option’. One day I rebelled and said I am NOT eating that again, and had some meat, and then it was a slippery slope from there.

    We were both very healthy during that time, and I still believe that if you eat the healthy options of what you allow yourself, you will be fine. Veganism is just as possible but needs to be approached with a bit more knowledge of nutrition to stay healthy. On The One Show this week, Matt Baker said that if you just had potatoes and a little milk, you would have most of the nutrients you need… amazing. Makes Champ the perfect food really doesn’t it.

    It’s much easier getting a decent veggie option now, although you still need to be aware of lots of things. Italy is pretty good for veggies, and India, although I’ve never been there, is heaven. France is very difficult. Do you like Indian food? I have lots of curries, dahls etc in my long, and getting longer, list of things to blog

  3. Sue

    I am usually vegetarian, I actually hold Lifetime membership of the Vegetarian Society, but am currently eating some fish which makes me temporarily a Pescatarian. I’ll be back to ‘no faces’ soon though, it’s just a phase I’m going through.

    We’ve been to too many places recently that simply didn’t cater for vegetarians and I had to be flexible, I can eat fish for a while but never meat.

    This time I’ve been trying to judge whether I feel healthier when I eat fish or not which is why I’ve continued to do it for a while (my Mum worries about me not eating fish and meat).

  4. Rita

    Yes, it was lovely. I used a ‘yellow label’, reduced chicken breast. I’d never cooked with chorizo before. I love it because you only need to use a little of it to get the lovely flavour and I bulk out the meal with chick peas or something similar. I’ve only used the Aldi chorizo, and can’t remember how much it cost, but I’ll look out for the Sainsbury one.

  5. Lesley

    Did it work then – great! I’ll work through most of the ideas and post them as proper recipes soon

  6. Lesley

    are you/do you prefer veggie then Sue? When budgeting at this level, meat and fish doesn’t feature much anyway does it – too expensive on the whole

  7. Sue

    I would put them on my Lovely Hubby’s half of the meal!!

    I’m always on the lookout for tasty little meaty things to add to his meal when I do a vegetarian tea, it makes him feel like he’s had more meat than sometimes he actually has. Tonight for instance it’s a simple pasta with Alfredo Sauce but I’ll scatter a few meatballs in his half as I put it on the plate. So sliced ‘chorizo thingies’ would work just as well.

    Keeps us both happy 🙂

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