Meal Plan 1 – revisited. £11.96 to feed 2 people for 7 days, Bargainliscious!!

Jun 11, 2015 | 2 comments


Meal Plan 1 – revisited. £11.96 to feed 2 people for 7 days, Bargainliscious!!

I am going through all the posts to make sure I have all the recipes entered in the Recipe Tables, plus I am going through all the meal plans to make sure all those recipes are on there too.

Looking at Meal Plan 1, I noted that it was time to update the prices. When I set it up in June 2013, you needed £15.61 at the checkout, although the food actually eaten during the week came to £12.26. In August 2014 you needed about the same at the checkout, £15.18. In June 2015 the list is now an astonishing £13.97 at the checkout, with £2.01 worth of food left to take forward to the following week, meaning that Meal Plan 1 in August 2015 costs a truly bargainlicious £11.96 for 2 people to eat well for 7 days!  I am so pleased!

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What to eat on Meal Plan 1

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  1. Lesley

    I’ve had a bit of a tinker, and I can get one day, but there aren’t enough calories left for two.

    I read other blogs from time to time, but only put here any that I think might be useful. There are so many great ones out there aren’t there

  2. Katherine

    Hello Lesley
    I am glad that the wedding went so well. You must all be so happy.

    I have a challenge for you: a menu for day 8 with the leftovers, maybe even day 9 although I think standards might start to drop.

    NB I like the way you promote other blogs. It’s very generous and some are useful and entertaining although nobody could follow them all.

    Best wishes

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