Making Dumplings using Pastry

Feb 20, 2014 | 0 comments


Making Dumplings using Pastry

imageHad some whoopsied stewing steak to use yesterday, so popped it in the slow cooker with onions, carrots and a carton of tomatoes. Then left it to cook down. By dinner time, I didn’t really fancy the mashed potato I had planned. Wish my pictures looked like they do in recipe books!

So I tried an experiment. I really love dumplings and looked up the recipe from the Vegetable Casserole recipe, which is the one I usually use. But I didn’t have any cheese in the fridge, so I thought about the oil pastry. If you can steam the pie recipes as a pudding I thought, you can probably make dumplings with it.

So that’s what I tried. Just made the pastry in the usual way, then broke off walnut sized pieces of it and plopped them into the casserole and left it cooking for another 20 minutes.

They were divine! Light, fluffy and delicious. In the summer, when the parsley was growing strongly, I chopped up huge bunches of it and froze it in little pots. But I’ve used all that up now. I could have added some fine chopped rosemary, or maybe fine chopped sage. They couldn’t have been easier and I will definitely be doing them again.

This afternoon I went and did a mini talk to a group, along with Jo, who spoke about the foodbank. These were older, mainly ladies, and not many using the web. Yet again, I was asked about a book. Broached the subject with the agency who started all this, and they said they were still waiting to hear back from Ebury Press, but that they had seemed interested. So it may happen, we’ll see.

That’s the last booking I have at the moment. The Sussex Express came on Wednesday and that article will probably be in next Fridays issue. The Russian team emailed today to say that they had edited their piece and it was looking good. I am hoping they will send the finished article so we can all have a look.



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