Would you like £5 for free? No, it’s not too good to be true

I was recently introduced to Zeek, have you heard of it? It’s a website where you can buy and sell gift vouchers at a discount.

Why would you want to sell at a discount I hear you ask? You may have a voucher given to you for a shop you don’t like, or you might have a voucher but need the cash for something else. Or you might have a voucher for something you just can’t go to anymore. You can sell any unwanted physical gift cards, printable eVouchers or eGift cards that meet Zeeks selling terms.

With Christmas coming up, if you want to give a voucher, you can get a bit more for your money at Zeek. National book tokens, for instance, are listed at 10% off. So a £10 voucher would cost you £9.00. Other vouchers available include many fashion chains, iTunes, eateries and holidays. All depends what vouchers other people are wanting to sell of course.

When I had a look, there were vouchers available for Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrisons. So you could buy vouchers for yourself to get a bit off the weekly shop! Buy some Zeek credit to buy a voucher with and you’ll get another 1% on top!

A free fiver

I have been given a code so that anyone who joins Zeek using it will be given £5 credit, completely free of charge, to buy vouchers with. In the interests of transparency, if you are a new user, and you buy a voucher, I will be given a commission.

So, interested? Click here, have a look, see what you think, and claim your fiver.

Thrifty Lesley has an associated Facebook Group. Do come over and say hello if you haven’t already joined. I’d love to see you!

I’m a perpetual dieter, and to help with that endeavour, there is now also a Thrifty Lesley dieting group, a lovely, growing community.



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