In the kitchen, birthdays and surprises

Mar 7, 2014 | 4 comments


In the kitchen, birthdays and surprises

imageHad a little twiddle in the kitchen yesterday, was going to write about it then, but somehow the day disappeared, as they do. Started this one this morning and had to go off and do other things, it’s 5pm now, so this day is on its way out too.

I started off with this plate of Jack’s cute little Thumbprint cookies from her book as DP needed some more snacky goodies. It stops him from buying something in Sainsbury’s. And if I can keep him out of Sainsbury’s it saves £20 or so a trip!

imageThen I had half a tin of mango to use up, so I did a batch of Mango, Chickpea and Coconut Curry and boxed it up for the freezer. DD2 has tried it and said she nearly inhaled it she loved it that much, so that’s a hit there then 🙂

imageThen made some lunch. In my continous quest to use what is in the freezer, I dug out a half pkt of smoked salmon trimmings. I seem to have several half pkts, tsk, tsk. So I cooked a portion of pasta (DP doesn’t eat fish) stirred through the salmon and a dollop of soft cheese and served it up with some slices of yellow pepper and a couple of cherry tomatoes. Went down a treat.

imageToday is DP’s birthday, so we took ourselves off to The Black Duck at Warbleton for some lunch.
image Took a picture of our starters, chicken pate and cheese garlic bread, but didn’t remember to take one of the mains until too late. DP had a steak with trimmings, which he pronounced extremely good. I had what they call Veggie Fish and Chips. I’ve had it there before and it is delectable. They treat slices of Halloumi cheese as if they were fish by covering them in batter and deep frying them, and serve them up with fresh crispy chips and mushy peas. It is seriously good.
If you are in the area, it’s a great country pub, well worth a visit.

Mike decided that he would like a cordless angle grinder for his birthday, so we researched them and ordered one online on Wednesday. All the way back from the pub, he was saying, my parcel should have been delivered. Just mucking about, not actually expecting it as we had gone for the free delivery. Much to my astonishment, and his delight, it was indeed sitting on the door step when we got back. He pounced on it eagerly and has been playing with it ever since. He’s one happy bunny right now. He will be making good use of it building the extension. I have got him SO many tools of various kinds over the aeons we have been together, but he never tires of them.

The weather forecast for the next few days includes lots of high pressure, and SUN – hooray. So I shall be out in the garden, tidying and weeding and generally getting the garden ready for the coming season. I shall be taking out an extremely ancient pear tree that only bears scabby fruit now, and not many of them, and making room for the two water tanks that I have planted with sandy soil and asparagus. They are in a bit too much shade at the moment, and I want to move them down a bit. We should get a decent crop off them this year, it was the first time I was allowed to take a few spears last year. They tasted fabulous as you can imagine. If you have room for a water tank you can use as an asparagus bed, I would recommend them as a crop.



  1. Lesley

    Yes, that would make for a good flavour. You would need to be able to get hold of the heart as cheap/cheaper than the mince of course to make it worth while cost wise.

  2. M

    You can grind up heart meat and add it to your mince. A great way to serve it to the squeamish about organ meats.

  3. Lesley

    Hi Margaret, DP, DD1 and DD2 are terms used on postings to indicate Darling or Dear Partner, Darling or Dear Daughter. So I am talking about Mike, my partner, and the elder or younger of my two daughters.

  4. margaret abbott

    who is? dp ? and who is dd1

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