Errors, books and sunshine

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Errors, books and sunshine

500 ErrorWanted to write a post today about an experiment I had a little while ago now with some meat from the butcher, but I have been getting an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error for two days now, most frustrating. Especially when I was digging around in the techie bits and found that some people were able to get on and view the site. Have just sorted it out with the tech guys, so can finally post.

Inidentally, I am talking with a couple of lovely chaps in Heathfield, who, hopefully, will be taking over the hosting fairly soon, and at a lot less than it is costing now.  Which would be a result.

Will write the new post tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking about the practicalities of a book. I have been playing around with formatting into Kindle today, which seemed to go ok. I set up a skeleton and added a Table of Contents and an Index, then added a few recipe titles, and when I added them up, it was already nearly 100, with hardly anything already on the blog and lots more ideas, so I don’t think content is going to be a problem!

I’m not sure if I need to do an e-book, or a paperback. Many of the people asking for one in the talks I have done want one because they aren’t online at all, and wouldn’t know what to do if they were. With the overheads involved in printing a book, I’m rather wary of laying out the cash and then not selling many. Maybe I could start with an e-book and see how it goes.

So, some questions.  In an ideal world, what would you like? An e-book/PDF or a printed one; a book with all new content or one with what is on ThriftyLesley already/ a mix of existing and new; not interested in a book at all; are professional looking pictures important to you; would you like the meal plans in a paid for e-book/PDF; and possibly the million dollar question (pun intended) where do you think the fair price point is?

If you can let me have your opionion, and any other thoughts, re this, it would really help me decide what to do going forward

Mike had a big birthday on Friday and as part of the celebrations we went to see one daughter on Saturday evening, and the other daughter Sunday lunchtime. On Sunday, we were able to sit outside and eat lunch at Eastbourne, in the sun. So lovely. It felt like summer it was so warm.

The peas and broad beans I sowed recently have responded to all this warmth and have sprouted, and I have sorted through all my other seeds. Some of them were quite old, so I got rid of them as if they don’t sprout, I will have wasted a couple of weeks or so waiting for them. So now I need to get some more tomato seeds, and a few others, for the coming season. May well do that tomorrow.

So now I’m off to bed. Well shower first. I did a workout this morning, and while still sweaty, decided to move some rubble from the build into rubble bags to go to the dump and never did change out of my workout gear, which is now rather grubby as well as sweaty.



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