Do you want to do Meat Free May but don’t know where to start?

May 3, 2016 | 1 comment


Do you want to do Meat Free May but don’t know where to start?


Apparently, it is Meat Free May this month. Friends of the Earth started this campaign to raise awareness of what a diet that is heavy in meat and fish can do to the planet. We are being advised to eat less meat and fish for all sorts of reasons – health, environmental, planetary etc

This is what FoE say about it

Meat Free May

Kick start your lower and better meat diet

Most people eat meat twice a day without even thinking about it. But the amount of meat and fish we feast on is damaging our planet and our health.

But cutting down on the amount of meat and fish we eat can seem daunting. What do you cook instead? How do you get the right balance of nutrients?

Take part in Meat Free May – sign up to join 2016’s Meat Free May. Try out new meat-free recipes and discover just how easy and tasty they can be.


Meat, fish and dairy are the most expensive items when I am frugalising a recipe, so many meals on ThriftyLesley just happen to be vegetarian, and a great many are vegan too.

Breakfasts and Lunches are pretty easy. Dinner might be more difficult. Especially if you are used to eating meat and fish most days. If you would like some inspiration, have a look at these and see what you think. Here are 31 recipes that are among my favourites, with not a scrap of meat or fish in any of them, enough to keep you going all month even if you have something different every day.

  1. Roguefort Tart
  2. Tapas – Patatas Bravas, Spinach Dumplings in Tomato Sauce, Lemony Butter Beans with a touch of Honey.
  3. Balti Spring Green Pancakes
  4. Stuffed Pancakes
  5. Peanut Butter Noodles
  6. Olive Drop Scones, Crispy Fried Onions and Carrot Ribbon Salad
  7. Beetroot and Feta Tart
  8. Vegetable Crumble
  9. Chole & Nan
  10. Tomato Dhal & Rice
  11. Spinach Dumplings with Spicy Tomato Sauce
  12. Vegetable Casserole & Dumplings
  13. Wild Garlic Pesto Pasta– wild garlic is still around during May
  14. Dahl Sambar
  15. Pasta, Tomato Sauce & Cheddar
  16. Fiery Potatoes, spicy & delicious
  17. Cheese & Onion Roly Poly
  18. Onion Tart
  19. Courgette Pasta
  20. Panzanella
  21. Spicy Cabbage, Lentils & Nan
  22. Peperonata
  23. Chickpea, Coconut & Mango Curry
  24. Broad Bean, Pea & Mint Risotto
  25. Roast parsnip &, apple salad, with carrot & peanut & raisin salad and jacket potato
  26. Green lentil cottage pie
  27. Meatless Sunday Lunch
  28. Avocado, Tomato & Orange Salad, with Focaccia
  29. Melanzane Parmigiana, the classic Italian Aubergines and Parmesan
  30. Mushroom Strogonoff
  31. Feta Stuffed Peppers

I’m hungry now!

image from FoE site


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  1. Hope

    Hi.Thank you for a great post.I am vegetarian and quite few people (my friends) I “brainwashed” to stop eating meat.Few of them feel sick just looking at meat.The best part most of them feel much healthier.

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