Competition – Mliter Digital Food Dehydrator

Oct 6, 2019 | 152 comments


Competition – Mliter Digital Food Dehydrator


I almost finished setting up this competition for a Mliter Digital Food Dehydrator a month ago, but life got in the way. This fab prize is perfect for preserving garden and allotment surpluses or a bargain at the greengrocer

I’ll be drying apples and pears over the next few weeks. I’ve just recently used the last of the previous years, so good timing

Mliter Digital Food Dehydrator

  • Mliter Digital Food Dehydrator is the best choice for slow-drying. More powerful than before, so food dries faster.
  • Built-in air circulation system operates smoothly via an automatic fan. It guarantees the warm air will penetrate each tray of food. Works efficiently as well as dries completely.
  • Four independent buttons are able to be used to control the length of drying time or the temperature of drying. In addition, time control and overheat protection systems are available. The dehydrator will stop itself when the allocated time runs out.
  • Overheat Protection System: The inside temperature is kept at a level to protect the dehydrator. It will cut down the power automatically if it overheats.
  • Each tray was designed with its own air holes. It enhances the circulation of warm air and improves the efficiency of drying. From the transparent top cover the progress can be easily seen. 
Faggots & Gravy

Good Luck Everyone


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  1. Robyn Clarke

    Oh yes please, I would love to try this.

  2. Teresa B

    Would be a great addition in the kitchen

  3. Carol Cliffe

    I’d love one of these to preserve my garden produce and also to make dog treats!

  4. Monika Bascombe

    thank you for the giveaway

  5. Tracy B

    Fantastically handy gadget, I would use this a lot

  6. Sue Carter

    What a lovely prize

  7. Kim W

    What a brillliant gadget. I’d love to try making some dehydrated fruit to freeze and then add into icecream etc later.

  8. SarahP

    This looks fantastic! I always have lots of apples from the tree on my allotment and dehydrating them would be a great way to preserve them for the winter, so that’s the first thing I would be doing

  9. K

    Really interesting and unusual prize! Many thanks.

  10. donna l jones

    great prize would come in very handy


    Would love to try this as it sounds great

  12. Adrian Bold

    Thanks for the great prize and competition. Good luck everyone!

  13. Teresa sheldon

    Mushrooms we go foraging for wild mushrooms and We dry them in the airing cupboard this would be great and stop the bedding smelling of fungi

  14. Jessica Powell

    This sounds so useful, I’ve never tried one before.

  15. Sky Bright

    Came across this site by acccident and had never heard of this before – except maybe on the NASA space program.

  16. Ray Becker

    amazing gadget

  17. paula cheadle

    I have always wanted one of these but can never afford one

  18. Melissa

    I have always fancied having one of these gadgets! I love trying new kitchen equipment

  19. M Mitchell

    Believe it or not my son (18 now) has always wanted one of these from around the age of 13! Strange but he loves dried fruit and wanted to experiment. He has his own place now so would love to able able to finally fulfil his childhood wish.

  20. Elzbieta Znyk

    It’s look fantastic, fingers crossed!

  21. Charlotte Bell

    I love foraging Mushrooms, this would be so handy for drying and preserving them!

  22. Erica Hughes

    A great way of preserving food.

  23. Angela Sharp

    I have always wanted to try one, I think I would try banana first

  24. Geoff Hibbert

    This is a fantastic idea!

  25. Diane Nicholl

    great for all the allotment surplus

  26. Carol W

    I wonder if flowers and leaves can be used in this…I would give it a try.

  27. Anneka Davies

    i would love to win this thanks for the chance

  28. john prendergast

    looks interesting

  29. sharon martin

    what a great gadget, could have fun experimenting with this

  30. greig spencer

    wow This would certainly expand my range of food offerings

  31. Cara-Jane Hunter

    So want this, so handy!

  32. Jamie Edwards

    I only recently discovered dehydrators when a friend showed me hers and what she can do with it! I definitely think it would come in super handy and I’m sure my friend would teach me everything I need to know xx

  33. Nadia Josephine

    This would be so useful for dehydrating fruit. I love a good kitchen gadget

  34. Pippa Ainsworth

    I have had one of these on my shopping list for some time, as a new way of preserving our homegrown produce. It would get so much use, and reduce waste, here.

  35. Anthea Holloway

    I would love to win this. It would save all that home-grown food (vegetables and fruit) from wasting.

  36. Tina H

    I have a large apple & pear trees that produces dozens of fruit every year. I never use all of them and would love to preserve them.
    A dehydrator would be so useful.

  37. Carol W.

    The first things I would try are apple and banana.

  38. Tammy Neal

    Looks an amazing gadget

  39. Victoria Prince

    I’ve always wanted a dehydrator! I love dehydrated fruit/veg and we always seem to have surplus produce, or else I find a supermarket bargain and hate either passing them up or having to use them so quickly (and my freezer is always overloaded cos I won’t waste anything!)

  40. Theresa Cooke

    I like to semi drying my cherry toms in the oven. i can think of loads of ways to use it.

  41. Lilian Gray

    What a great prize, so useful

  42. Diane Duggan

    I have a large apple tree that produces dozens of apples every year. I never use all of them and would love to preserve them.
    A dehydrator would be so useful.

  43. Kat C

    I’d love to try this to preserve berries

  44. JenniCatts

    Wow, I’d love to try this! Would be a great way to make healthy snacks for the kids


    This would be great to win very useful!

  46. Debbie Miller

    Oh fantastic.. The amount of food we throw away especially fruit and veg is criminal… and now I need to lose weight., I could overcome my crisp addiction by dehydrating banana’s and all kinds…. so really, a win win situation. x

  47. Stacie Copp

    Its something I’ve never used before, but would be really cool to make some healthy snacks rather then just going for a packet of crisps or chocolate. I did like buying things of the Graze website so I suppose having a dehydrator I could have a go at making my own!

  48. James Travis

    Looks like a great gadget, be great to try this out

  49. Claire Barker

    It will be a great way to reduce food waste by using up leftover fruit and veg. in the dehydrator.

  50. Samantha

    I’d love to give one of these a go, be great for the kitchen

  51. Amanda Baggott

    This looks fab! I’ve never seen one of these before!

  52. Sarah Blythe

    wowo would love to try this xx

  53. Pam Smith

    This looks fantastic for making healthy snacks

  54. Tracy Astwood

    First I’ve ever seen one for domestic use. What a fantastic idea for the glut of apples I get in autumn.

  55. Mark w

    I’ve always loved the idea of dehydrated food.

    I always have an extra apples and strawberries in the garden.

  56. Claire Barker

    I’ve been keen on getting a food dehydrator for quite a few years now, so of course it would be fab to win. 🙂

  57. kimberley ryan

    This sounds fab

  58. Bruno Moreira

    Seems like it could be very useful!

  59. Caroline Tinsley

    I love cocktails so I’d use this to dry fruit for garnishes

  60. Valerie Seal

    This would open up a whole new gourmet world for us!

  61. betsy ferguson

    my friend, joyce’s, husband makes great kale crisps with his dehydrator. I have made tons of jams, chutneys and wine this year, but would love to try dehydrating. The other item on my wish list is a preserving water pressure bath, for canning x

  62. Dale Dow

    This would be amazing for my cakes with real fruit in it, you don’t want the fruit too hydrated or it can ruin the whole thing!

  63. Anthony G.

    Great for making your own crisps! 🙂

  64. SianiD

    I’ve been looking at dehydrators, on and off for years. They seem like great gadgets.

  65. Diane Duggan

    Great prize. I never use all the mushrooms I buy and they go bad quickly. It would be great to be able to dry them and pop them in a jar to use when I need them.

  66. Judith Mitchell

    I’m lucky enough to have a small orchard in my garden. Unfortunately, the crop is often rather abundant – I say unfortunately as there’s only so much jam and so many pies I can make! I’d love to be able to make my own dried fruit with the ‘left overs’. I find dried fruit, like apple rings, to be a very ‘more-ish’ snack but I can’t get the ready prepared ones as many also contain sulphur dioxide and I’m allergic to it.

  67. Karen Stirling

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these.

  68. Sandra Bald

    Really enjoy vegetable crisps, would be great to make my own.

  69. Kayleigh Woodland

    I do love kitchen gadgets and anything to try and make my own snacks

  70. Joanne Mackay Young

    This would reduce so much waste in my house

  71. Hayley Wakenshaw

    My other half would love one of these. He has a friend who used to dehydrate entire meals to take camping with him, and ever since then, he’s been fascinated by the idea of trying one.

  72. Thrifty Lesley

    It was a special offer Clare, not sure if it will be repeated. I’ve got quite a basic one that wasn’t too expensive and it does the job just fine

  73. Emma Franklin

    What a fab prize. I would love to try making my own vegetable crisps.

  74. Clare Kent

    I didn’t realise these were so reasonably priced. I’m quite frugal, and hate waste so one.of these would be fantastic. I did click the Amazon link but they’re out of stock. I will try my luck at winning one here whilst waiting for them to come back for sale.

  75. Ben Audsley

    i would like to try using this!

  76. Johanna Averillo

    I would be a happy Nana, if I was lucky to win. My grandsons are always asking for fruit leathers.

  77. Katrina Adams

    I’ve read a few bits about food dehydrators but have never used one. I’d be interested to give it a go.

  78. Lynn Neal

    I have never tried using one of these before but would love to have a try!

  79. Michael Turnbull

    I would love to dehydrate so many different things

  80. Thrifty Lesley

    Hello and welcome! Hope you like it here

  81. Sarah higgins

    So, we’ve just found your website again – for actual use use this time! Not just for fun. First thing i see is a super prize giveaway- I’ve not really entered a competition online before but I trust you and your site so thought why not.
    Thank you for all your amazing recipes and sharing your passion- it is so unbelievably helpful when in a jam!!

  82. Janine Atkin

    id love one of these

  83. Claire Lacey

    A dehydrator has been on my wish list for a while now – this one looks great!

  84. Su

    What a wonderful idea. I have thought about getting one but never sure which. Su

  85. Marie Rungapadiachy

    Wow this is amazing. I can now dehydrate my doughnuts.

  86. Deborah Flynn

    What a money saver… no wasted food, just dehydrate and store. Brilliant! Would love to win this.

  87. Amy mcfarlane

    Would love to use this to make healthy snacks for family, will save having the oven running on low for hours!

  88. Naomi Williams

    This is a fantastic piece of kitchen equipment, would love to win

  89. Kate Gaffney

    Fab prize!! I have an allotment so would love this!!

  90. Carol W

    This will be so useful all year round. Brilliant.

  91. cheryl hadfield

    what a fantastic gadget, great idea

  92. Steve Hearne

    This is awesome!!

  93. Emma England

    I have never used a food dehydrator but I do have one on my Christmas list. This one looks brilliant.


    this would be so useful and a great way to cut down on food waste

  95. Angela Kelly

    I would love to have a play with this!

  96. Fiona jk42

    we use our dehydrator to dry tomatoes, apples and other fruit & veg. Often if we have a glut of fruit or vetg, we don’t have space in the dehydrator for all of it, so it would be really useful to have a second machine.

  97. Jane Willis

    We love to use our dehydrator for foraged fungi and to semi-dry the lovely tomatoes we grow. It’s been in pretty much constant use for years and is sorely in need of replacing.

  98. Nadia Josephine

    We love foraging near where we live and I would love to use this for the goodies we bring home! There are so many uses

  99. Weezy

    Very interested in the idea of a dehydrator, sometimes there’s only so many apple crumbles I want to eat!

  100. Christina Curtis

    Fantastic count me in! What a Fab Gadget.

  101. Margaret Gallagher

    Its a beauty – will be appreciated here
    Fab review thanks

  102. Mark Milsom

    Would be interesting experimenting in the kitchen with dehydrating different types of foods

  103. Mark R

    We love dried fruit to snack on so this would be great to have.

  104. Keith Hunt

    Looks good for all the yellow label fruit I pick-up

  105. Zoey H

    Sounds a useful gadget once got used to and what could do with it we would use it alot.

  106. Emily Hutchinson

    I’d love to use this for fruits!

  107. Paul Bingham

    Great prize ,would be something I haven`t used in the kitchen yet

  108. Karina Goodwin

    Wow! This sounds amazing.
    I feel like this is a really great way to save money.
    I really hate food waste. It really makes me feel a little down when I haven’t managed to eat all of the fruit in my house before it goes bad.
    I’d love to dry some of it to bake with. Great giveaway, awesome blog. 🙂

  109. Natalie Charman

    This would be great!!

  110. Tony Metcalfe

    I’ve not seen these before, it looks as though it would be a useful addition to my kitchen equipment.

  111. Sara T

    I’ve always wanted to try a dehydrator to make veg crisps

  112. charlotte isobelle

    It sounds like a great addition to my kitchen! I love a good gadget!

  113. Ruth Harwood

    This would be an amazing gadget for our kitchen and help us prepare food together! xx

  114. Laura T

    I have been meaning to try dehydrating for a while. This one sounds perfect.

  115. melanie stirling

    I have never used one before but it looks very interesting and I would certainly like to try it.

  116. Sonya Allstun

    This would be nice to win I was just telling hubby yesterday it would be nice to have one of these to make homemade fruit rollups and beef jerky

  117. Richard Eldred Hawes

    This would certainly expand my range of food offerings

  118. Ann-Marie

    Would love to win this. Hoping to try drying apples, mushrooms, tomatoes, bananas and pears to start with.
    Good luck eveyone!

  119. Layla Thomas

    I’m dying to try one of these. Ok mostly because I want to make my own botanicals for gin but I’m sure I’d try a healthy snack for the kids too. Maybe.

  120. Mel Pennie

    What a great way to cut down on food waste. Amazing gadget that I am sure we would find extremely useful!

  121. A.E. ADKINS

    I have wanted one of these ever since I discovered they were available for the domestic market

  122. Sacha stacey

    Would love to give this a go

  123. Laura Pritchard

    Very handy! Thanks for the chance!


    I would love to try this.

  125. Lara

    Another one who’s looked at these periodically and thought it would be fun and useful, but never actually done the research and bought one. A great giveaway!

  126. Susan B

    Great gadget. Saves food waste as well as supporting nutrition.

  127. Joo Dee

    sounds like a very handy machine! would love to win this, thank you.

  128. felicity

    this machine has been top of my wish list for a while 🙂

  129. Dean T

    Never tried one of these, would have to dig out some recipes

  130. Tracy Astwood

    I have an allotment and often have too much fruit for the freezer. This sounds great ! I haven’t heard of such a thing before. Thanks for highlighting x

  131. Karen Barrett

    I’ve never seen these before, looks great

  132. Su

    What a fabulous giveaway! The winner will be one very lucky person indeed.

  133. Sandra Fortune

    I’d love one of these never heard of them before . Would be very useful

  134. clair downham

    would love to give this a try

  135. Anthony G.

    A great way to make vege crisps 🙂

  136. Claire Holtey

    I want to dry liver for dog treats

  137. Vivien Taylor

    This is great to prepare food before camping.

  138. SallyC

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these, especially since pineapples have been so cheap recently.

  139. SianiD

    wow, brill giveaway. I’ve been looking at dehydrators for ages, but haven’t yet taken the plunge.

  140. cat

    looks very handy to help preserve herbs and fruit

  141. Sheena Batey

    We do have a problem with surplus food from the allotment. This would be ideal.

  142. Heather Lomas

    Excellent prize. Wanted one for ages. Really want to have the ability to store fruit and veg with out power (eg freezing)

  143. Susan Smith

    This would be amazing to own, would be so useful and handy for me

  144. Iain maciver

    amazing giveaway

  145. Sophie B

    So it’s super nutritious and healthy for you with no preservatives or chemicals required – and saves you money too. What’s not to like?

  146. Tony Martin

    What a brilliant item, love kitchen goodies

  147. Jo

    I love the idea of having a dehydrator. and being able to dry mushrooms or other veg for adding to dishes in the winter. And not having to use up freezer space too : )

  148. Solange

    Sounds like a great product.

  149. Margaret Gallagher

    A beauty – will be invaluable for busy family life

  150. Kim Neville

    Would come in very useful and interesting to use

  151. Tracy Nixon

    This looks and sounds a great gadget! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  152. Emma Myatt

    Oooh I hope I’m lucky! This would be an amazing addition to my kitchen!!. Good luck everyone!! X

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