Christmas week eating, £10 a head

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Christmas week eating, £10 a head


I have been busy working up a new meal plan for the festive week.  So starting on the Monday, we have a full 7 days, for 2 people. There are stilton, mince pies, cinnamon, roast pork and roasties for lunch.

I have posted the meal plan, with shopping list, and am still working through the various tips and ideas to go with it so please bear with me, things will be changing on the page.  There are also a couple of recipes I need to post, which I’ll get to soonest. But I wanted to get it out there, as we are all making our plans now for the Christmas week.

I did a meal plan last year, that was about £1.30 per day, per person. This years is much more detailed in the costings. You will need £19.64 at the checkout. Asda, as I often use them for pricing.

I hope a few people will find some use in it, I’m actually quite proud of how much I managed to cram in 🙂

Do let me know what you think.

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