After the blackout, the chat can, at last, start again

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After the blackout, the chat can, at last, start again

Argus PictureMany, many techie Live Chats later. The site is moved over to the new servers and all seems to be well, so normal service can, at last, resume

Some comments seem to have been mangled in the changeover. I have kept them in the email notification, but  they aren’t there on the site to mod. Am trying to find them and post them, proving tricky

Much going on here after the initial media exposure. A Russian film crew were here yesterday filming a piece. I cooked them the Tomato Dahl and added 150g frozen spinach and 50g coconut powder. It brought the price up to 61p a portion, so a lot more than 27p. It was very tasty tho, and I will definitely be doing that again. The crew wanted to film in a shop and we ended up in the local greengrocers. He seemed quite affable about the disruption, and gave me a kind of appraising look that seemed to be saying, do I recognise you, am I supposed to know who you are? When we got back, DP said, that dahl is good, I’ve had a huge portion. So that’s good, if he likes it, I can do some more. I bought 2 big boxes of coconut powder from Approved Food a while ago, and that would be a good way to use it up.

After the demo on Monday, and the people who want pictures and film (they usually want me to make something, or several things), we are even more stuffed with food here than usual. It seems to be everywhere at the moment.

There was a lovely young woman here this morning filming for ITV Meridian. She said it won’t go out today, probably will tomorrow. It is the 6pm local news programme if you want to have a peek at me cooking Bacon and Sweetcorn pie, and demonstrating the pastry (depending on what little bits they show, we filmed a lot, but it won’t be a long piece). I am going to find out how to load bits of video to YouTube as people are asking me to demonstrate how to make things.

We were in the Sussex Argus yesterday, on page 3 – ooer. I am getting used now to people ringing me or emailing and saying ‘can we come now?’. And used too, to the paper putting their own interpretation on what I say – it’s never quite right is it 😉

Woman’s Own have made contact, their deadlines are a lot longer tho, so that won’t be for ages.

Many of the people at the Monday demo were asking if I could put it in a book. But they were saying that partly because they haven’t got a computer and can’t really use one to look at the library. So if it ever happened, I’m not really sure how they would know it was there. I printed off lots of things for people to take away, but that only reaches very limited people of course.

I am now having to pay out quite a bit every month to keep the server going – not sure yet exactly how much, as it is in dollars and it hasn’t come through to my credit card bill yet. It is $839.40 a year, $69.95 a month. I am wondering if anyone would like to chip in and help me keep the site going. I will put a Donate button on, and if the help comes to more than it costs, any excess will be used for a local foodbank. Maybe contribute the price of a pint of milk, and the rest will be used to buy real (dried) pints of milk 😉

What have you all been up too – it’s been ages!



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